Update on McCarthy Middle School 

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NASHUA, NH – Ken Lemarier of Harvey Construction on Thursday night updated the Joint Special School Building Committee on the status of Brian S. McCarthy Middle School. 

“Pretty much everything onsite will be complete and we’ll be paving and shutting down the site the week of July 4,” Lemarier said of the project. 

Landscaping, concrete sidewalks and athletic field work is ongoing, as well as tree services on the perimeter of the site.

The temporary certificate of occupancy was granted in April and staff were able to begin moving in earlier this month. The final certificate of occupancy will hopefully be received on August 1. 

Superintendent Mario Andrade and Alderman Richard Dowd gave a tour of the school to some members of the public Thursday afternoon.

“We’ve been impressed for the past 18 months in the work of day to day but just to have outsiders walk in and be overwhelmed and awed, the thought behind it, the coordination, the thoughtfulness and again, they can see where the district is going, not only in the school building but also our vision around teaching and learning,” Andrade said.

“I think they were dumbfounded by the building itself. A couple of their comments [were] like ‘this is the future of schools,’ so again I just need to commend this team and this community for that major investment,” he said.