Letters: Disgruntled few costing city in many ways – taxes, employees and candidates for office

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To the Editor:

Anyone remotely familiar with the local political goings on in Nashua in the past five to ten years knows that the city of Nashua has been dealing with a great deal of litigation and FOIA requests.  Most of this litigation, which has infected the local body politic, is coming from a small circle of disgruntled individuals. These fanatics have relentlessly inundated City Hall, the mayor’s office, the aldermanic chambers, city employees, and even city volunteers with mounds of FOIA requests and lawsuits.  This has increased the city budget and cost the taxpayer who-knows-what in additional taxes.  In addition, their antics affect our city such that more and more people are having second thoughts about working for the city or running for local office.

The June 18th aldermanic budget committee meeting had a discussion regarding how to put an end to the lawsuits when Alderman Sullivan made a foolish motion to remove $500,000 from the budget for risk management, as if hamstringing the government is somehow going to stop this reason-challenged group of lawsuit makers.  Sullivan went on at the meeting to somehow blame the mayor for the antics of the lawsuit crowd as if the mayor’s explanation to these people about inflation affecting the budget is part of the problem.  As Alderman Dowd pointed out at the budget meeting, the city wins 93 percent of the suits against it.  Apparently, Mr. Sullivan wants the city to hoist a white flag and quit while we are ahead.

Mr. Sullivan inaccurately stated that the problem is “ego versus ego.”  No, Mr. Sullivan; it’s ego versus the rest of us because anyone in Nashua who involves themselves in local politics that might be perceived the slightest in contrary to this disgruntled group could be a target of their lawsuits (except maybe you).  Mr. Sullivan acts as if he is some kind of spectator to this entire circus instead of behaving like a city leader charged with solving and stopping these kinds of problems. 

Mr. Sullivan, you are supposed to be coming up with a solution, this incessant litigation is hurting our city.  Although Mr. Sullivan did mention at the budget meeting that “discussions” with these lawsuit makers are warranted, we don’t know what kind of discussions Mr. Sullivan has in mind, but maybe he can step up and do his job as alderman by holding these discussions with these lawsuit makers, after all, it is probable that Mr. Sullivan has all their phone numbers in his contact list on his cell phone.

Raymond Guarino

Nashua, NH