Granite State veterans, military families launch veterans for Biden-Harris in Nashua

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Kara Roy a retired Army officer and candidate for State Senate District 14 from Hudson served 20 years. She addressed the gathered volunteers and expressed her support for the Biden-Harris team at the Veterans and Military Families for Biden-Harris kick-off event in Nashua. Photo/Dan Splaine Photography

NASHUA, NH – Veterans and Military Families for Biden-Harris – a coalition of veterans, military family members, and activists – on Tuesday launched a nationwide series of events and actions to support the president’s re-election campaign. Nashua was one of 20 locations hosting an event.

More than a dozen volunteers and a handful of campaign staff conducted training and a phone bank at the Biden-Harris campaign office in Nashua.  They contacted local voters, discussed the Biden administration’s support for veterans, and contrasted that with the Trump administration’s record.

Kara Roy, a retired Army officer and candidate for State Senate District 14 from Hudson, served 20 years in the military. She spoke on behalf of the veterans group, addressed the gathered volunteers, and expressed her support for the Biden-Harris team.  Her support is based on the record of the administration.

First is the PACT ACT which opened up services for veterans that were exposed to toxic chemicals, he also expanded services of the VA, and he’s helped with childcare issues, and job opportunities for veterans, all part of his legislative agenda”’

“He does not think the men and women who served are losers and suckers, he appreciates what they have done.  His own son served honorably.  We have seen positive action from the administration over the last 3 ½ years.  He has signed into law approximately 30 laws that have helped veterans,” Roy said.

The PACT Act was signed into law in 2022.  Since its inception, more than one million veterans have been qualified and enrolled in VA healthcare services due to the law.  Over 5, 000 Granite State veterans are beneficiaries.

When asked about the recent debate performance of the president and what she would say to fellow veterans and voter’s concerns, she said unequivocally, “Like all of us can, he had a bad day. He had a bad day when he did the debate.  His medical records don’t indicate he has cognitive issues and we should continue to support him.”

Homelessness and suicide rates of veterans are at the forefront of concerns for the Veterans and Military Families for Biden-Harris coalition. Currently, on average 22 veterans commit suicide daily in the country.

Xzavier Fleming, a campaign regional organizer from Atlanta, is also an Air Force veteran. He served as a search and rescue specialist.  Speaking for himself he reflected on the issues and this critical moment for the country and veterans.

“For me personally, I feel like it’s a very significant point in time.  You have to think about the things that are going on. The suicide rates are high.  It comes from the stress of going out protecting our country and democracy and coming back here and not having support, being homeless, and things like that.  We have to support each other,” Fleming said.

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